10 Spring FASHION TRENDS To Actually Wear in 2020!

10 Spring FASHION TRENDS To Actually Wear in 2020!

10 Spring FASHION TRENDS To Actually Wear in 2020! Huge thank you to Nordstrom for partnering with me on this video!! For everything mentioned or shown – click SHOW MORE!

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Crochet Top (many colors): http://bit.ly/2QaUF9W

Beige Wide-Leg Pants: http://bit.ly/39Mg9BW

Blue Floral Dress: http://bit.ly/33cyyoZ

Vintage Floral Skirt: http://bit.ly/2Icj5vj

Faux Leather Blazer: http://bit.ly/3aU9SUZ

Black Square-Toe Heels: http://bit.ly/2TJZ5Xr
Other options: http://bit.ly/2wY3yNs

Nude/Clear Square-Toe Heels: http://bit.ly/38MV9JM

White Square-Toe Heels: http://bit.ly/2U4hFIQ

Woven Crossbody Bag: http://bit.ly/3aTg2Vs

White Sunglasses: http://bit.ly/2w18eSA

Chunky Hoop Earrings: http://bit.ly/2WbIvS3

Black Puffy Sleeve Top: http://bit.ly/2UhNzlw

Light Mom Jeans: http://bit.ly/38VWQou

Light Wide-Leg Jeans: http://bit.ly/33lLKb8

♡ Other Nordstrom Favorites ♡
Adidas Sneakers: http://bit.ly/381yqcM
Barefoot Dreams Robe: http://bit.ly/2TVZ2rV
Tory Burch Flip Flops (my fav): http://bit.ly/2IRVRLs
Best-Selling Maxi Dress: http://bit.ly/39W9qW7
Madewell Pocket Tee: http://bit.ly/38QldUw
Zella Leggings: http://bit.ly/2IVcAgI
Best Seamless Lift Bra: http://bit.ly/3d43eNM


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  1. Love your channel and all your videos but I’ll stick to skinny jeans I don’t care if they are out of style and if I wear heels I’m wearing high pointy toe heels. I cannot accept the kitten heels they are just horrid to me!!

  2. should do home wear, something like that for the particular period, maybe not spring trend, but good choice above, I like your finger tip and shoes

  3. Lookin’ good… "It is natural for the heart and spirit to take pleasure and enjoyment in all things that show forth symmetry, harmony, and perfection. For instance: a beautiful house, a well designed garden, a symmetrical line, a graceful motion, a well written book, pleasing garments — Abdul-Baha, Baha’i Faith

  4. Ohhh is everyone else basically living on You tube now ?
    Wishing you and urs well-being and happinnes during this time !

  5. I am M.Phil final year student.i have open new Physics channel plz support me.you all are pure like designs.

  6. I am Final year M.Phil final year student.i have open new Physics channel plz support me.you all are pure like designs.

  7. In the times of quarantine and lockdown combined with scorching summers, my favorite fashion is my husband’s loose cotton shirts.. They come in all the colors😜

  8. All these styles are OLD. I wore a blue dress like that in the 6th grade. Square toe shoes were in style like 10 years ago. I still have a few sandels like the ones in the video. Wide leg jeans look horrible unless you are tall & thin. Short girls look terrible in them. Those puffy sleeve tops are just plain UGLY…Kinda hated everything in this video. I’ll be wearing my straight leg dark jeans, thanks .

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    I like the videos very much and inspire others to watch….

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  10. Really enjoyed your fresh look at all of these wearable Spring trends! 🙂 The faux leather blazer was "Shea chic"… And the "cat walk" that you use is perfect for showing off these pieces. My grandmother used to work in a jewellery store – only the best for and from her – and always said that nothing else finished an outfit like pair of hoop earrings. The best things don’t change! –Thanks for the breath of fresh air, Shea! 🙂 Shannon A. Btw: Stephen is my husband. (9:02) 😉

  11. I love a kitten heel. Higher heels are just not practical in my life. I do find them hard to find however. Maybe it will be easier now.

  12. Shea give us ladies who can’t afford Nordstrom & luxury stores like that & instead go to Citi Trends & even Wal Mart some style tips!!!

  13. Honestly I hated the majority of these. I’m not a trendy person and I’ve had all of these in the past so yeah. In the summer all I want is shorts and dresses and T-shirt’s in plain neutrals. I might mix a few florals but I’m too classic. I cannot bare sq toe anything! It makes me feel like a llama.. nope. I like your top in white Nd faux leather jacket but I would get that for the fall. It’s too hot in Texas for that.

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  15. Thank you for the tips. Really nice outfits. Love the details and love that crochet shirt. Keep on bringing it. Love fashion so I thank you for all your recommendations.

  16. Since we’re stuck at home and the most dressed we’ll be getting is jeans and a tshirt, how about a athleisure/ comfy clothes video with brands that actually hold up and fit well!

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