12 Clothing Items Every Man Should Own

12 Clothing Items Every Man Should Own

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  1. This what happens when you hire them to do your landscaping. They steal your clothes! Build the wall!

  2. 1. Tailored Sweatpants
    2. Bomber Jacket
    3. Gray Crewneck Sweater
    4. White Sneakers
    5. White Dress Shirt
    6. Good T-Shirt
    7. Watch
    8. Chukka Boots
    9. Casual Button-Down Shirt
    10. Good Pair of Jeans
    11. Chino Shorts
    12. Sharp-cut Suit

  3. No money no honey…Some people don’t have so much money for clothes. All your videos are great,you are great guy (I think) but like I said before…

  4. Lol analog watch, people in the us only wear it for style. When you ask them what time it is, their brain malfunction and go straight for their phone.

  5. Most versatile clothing items video?

    Preferably 5 shirts, 5 pants, 5 shorts that can mix and match with each other and are very cheap


  6. Jose:we gotta a lot to cover in this video so we gotta hurry up
    Also Jose: spends 2 out of the 5 minutes talking bout his sponser

  7. This is exactly the same blueprint we have decided to do over at jhintoncollections.com we have different tier brands with both good quality and good pieces from all brands that hit 2 different demographics. Ralph Lauren / J Hinton Signature. Polo / Marksmen

  8. Jose what are the two fabrics for your 2 taylor made blue shirts? Is it Richmond Blue and Blue Hunting

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