3 Titanium Earring Styles You NEED to Try!!

3 Titanium Earring Styles You NEED to Try!!

If you need inspiration on how to mix and match different pieces or you need help putting a look together this video is for you. In this video we will cover 3 unique styles using some of our titanium pieces. Wether you want an elegant look, more edgy style or want something thats glam and shines.

Crystal Bezel: https://lulusbodyjewelry.com/collections/titanium-jewelry/products/titanium-crystal-bezel-push-back-1

Crystal Prong: https://lulusbodyjewelry.com/collections/titanium-jewelry/products/titanium-crystal-prong-push-back-1

Crystal Cluster: https://lulusbodyjewelry.com/collections/titanium-jewelry/products/titanium-swarovski-cluster-push-back-1

Crystal Flower: https://lulusbodyjewelry.com/collections/titanium-jewelry/products/copy-of-titanium-crystal-flower-push-back

Crystal Trinity: https://lulusbodyjewelry.com/collections/titanium-jewelry/products/titanium-crystal-trinity-push-back-1

Crystal Hoop: https://lulusbodyjewelry.com/collections/titanium-jewelry/products/titanium-silver-gemmed-hinged-ring

Hoop: https://lulusbodyjewelry.com/collections/titanium-jewelry/products/silver-titanium-hoop

Fixed Bead Ring: https://lulusbodyjewelry.com/collections/titanium-jewelry/products/titanium-fixed-bead-ring

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  1. I absolutely love all three but my all time favorite is the last one!!! That’s my personality. My mother always stated when you enter a room…OWN IT☝️

  2. Can’t wait to get more piercings done. Question for anyone with a double helix. Out of 10, how much does it initially hurt? Got my first lower cartilage yesterday and I’ll just say it was spicy! 🤣🤣

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