Paparazzi $5 Jewelry Live – March 2020 Fashion Fix Pre Order Try On Reveal

Paparazzi $5 Jewelry Live – March 2020 Fashion Fix Pre Order Try On Reveal

📺✔️I’ll be live often (pretty much daily) on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously.⚡️ Send me your info for invoices here:

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$5 Jewelry Party! Tap my nose to join!

3 Steps To SHOP:

1. Comment GEM x Qty

2. Invoices ASAP after the live

SHIPS in 5-7 days from invoicing with all other album claims this week (Sat-Thurs).

3. Everything is $5!
(except where noted)

Shipping: $3.75 up to 4 Items/$20, Add $1 for every 4 items thereafter.

Thank you for shopping with Gem Box!

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$5 Paparazzi Jewelry

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💎 Welcome!
💎 Paparazzi is known for high-quality & affordable accessories!
💎 I LOVE my Paparazzi & can’t wait for you to love it too.
💎 You’ll find I’m a strong Sponsor with a HUGE inventory.

👋🏻✨Join the fun!

💎 About Me: I am a retired NICU RN, YouTube Makeup Artist, and Mom/Wife along with being a Paparazzi Girl. Welcome to my world!
💎 Paparazzi jewelry is sure to bring a smile to your face. That happiness is what beauty is all about!
💎 Glad you’re here- xoxo Tianne

MY goal: Create a positive community of women who celebrate glam, beauty, tacos, and Paparazzi with a focus on developing their potential while realizing their strength and self-worth! 👑⚡️💎 #GemBoxGirls

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Fashion Fix – Life of the Party – Zi Collection – Men’s Urban Jewelry – Starlet Shimmer – Convention Exclusives – Signature Series –

Gem Box Accessories denotes Tianne Pierce, Independent Consultant of Paparazzi Accessories, Consultant ID 56975.


  1. The white bracelet "Stageworthy Sparkle" for Fiercely Fifth Avenue sold out in 21 seconds – WOW!

    Want these pieces? Join Paparazzi – consider it seriously. It is a best selling opportunity.

  2. Ohh my dear…I’m seriously starting to consider magnificent musings/ I’m in love too!!! Its powerful!!!👍❤ it looks dynamite on you/ they all looked appealing on you/ you do it right! I’m going to share you with my mom, and a few others I may have in mind, or even share u with fb…and instagram!!! And that will be happy for me!

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