NEW! *TOP 5* Fall Fashion 2020 Trends You'll Want to Know About! (Style Over 40, Over 50)

NEW! *TOP 5* Fall Fashion 2020 Trends You'll Want to Know About! (Style Over 40, Over 50)

Sharing the most exciting and wearable fall fashion 2020 trends especially for women over the ages of 40 and 50! These are the top 5 trends that are easy to wear and will keep you looking stylish all fall 2020! Thank you so much for watching. Your support means the world to me! ~Erin xo


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Cami I’m Wearing |
Green Faux Fur Jacket (Sold Out) |
Similar |

#1 | Comfort | 01:07
Barefoot Dreams Cardigan |
Leith Cardigan |
Cape Sweater |
Cape Jacket |
Wool-Cashmere Poncho |
Cape |
Blanket Scarf |

#2 | Faux Fur & Shearling | 02:32
Mother Chevron Jacket |
Blank NYC Faux Fur Jacket |
Shearling Trim Denim Jacket |
Faux Fur Jacket |
Faux Shearling Teddy Coat |
Faux Shearling Leather Jacket |

#3 | Plaid | 03:30
Plaid Blazer |
Plaid Pants |
Plaid Skirt |
For Less |
Plaid Scarf |

#4 | Brown Tones | 04:47
Veronica Beard Leather Blazer (Sold Out)
In Green |
In White |
Prada Bag |
Brown Pants |
Matching Blouse |
Brown Suede Moto Jacket |
L’Agence Beige Blazer |
For Less |
Leopard Scarf |
Brown Boots |
Brown Leather Jacket |
For Less |
Brown Handbags |

#5 | Baggy Jeans | 06:40
Moussy Vintage Wide Straight Leg Jeans |
Agolde Loose Fit Jeans |
Agolde Black Criss Cross Jeans |
Express Mom Jeans |
Express Stright Jeans |
More Jeans |
Valentino Belt |

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  1. I love neutrals, plaids and faux fur. I feel that neutrals and plaids are classic "Fall" fashion. Love the Prada bag!!! Also, I am sick of skinnies and have been wearing ankle length jeans with a little flare. I am pretty tall and have over skinny’s! Been buying high waisted wide legs.

  2. I have some jeans that I had before I lost weight. They fit in the waist but in the legs and thighs they are big. I like the elephant bells. I wore those in high school and glad to see them back.

  3. For over 50s. Browns take us back to the 70s/80s. , feels like nothing new ! But I was a size 8. then and now I am size 14 ! So nothing exciting ! Checked out high rise jeans on Zara ! Where are you getting your boots and shoes ?.

  4. Faux fur! I got a gorgeous grey one last year and didn’t get to wear it because it rained everyday that I went out, I live in Scotland. Got to love our weather! 😂 😂 😂 I’ll be wearing it this year. I can’t find jeans to suit me and are comfortable. I’ve got a tummy, I’m a UK 18-20, and they’re possibly the most uncomfortable item of clothing that I’ve ever worn and I always give up and go back to leggings. I’ve also got a spinal condition and can’t bear any pressure on my lower back, I sometimes even have to take off my leggings when I get home because of the pain. I’d love to wear jeans but I’ve yet to find ones that flatter and are comfortable

  5. Ummm i found you from your ‘how to wear a blanket scarf’ video…which i see is featured again 😉 Love you Miss Erin!

  6. How do you wear baggy jeans on an hour glass or pear shaped body? I’m 5’4" and a size 8. I’d love to try a baggier jean but I don’t want to look frumpy

  7. What creates the baggy silhouette on the jeans? In the past we’ve had pleats, paper bag waists, flare from waist. Remember creased permanent press jeans? Vidal Sassoon.

  8. I follow a lot of « fashion influencers « ….you are by far my favorite…I am never bored and always love what you Say/show!!! 😘😘

  9. I will have to ease into my baggy jeans with some baggy pants. I recall the eighties mom jeans look and might have nightmares of not doing enough sit ups to not have the mom kangaroo pouch that accompanies baggy jeans. Anyone? Anyone?

  10. hahaha. I got to the point where you reminded me that i’m not going anywhere (haha) and therefore just need a few new pair of sweatpants. I gave you a thumbs up for your time, effort and charm, and now i’m heading over to TJs for sweats. Lol.

  11. Hey Erin, I am so glad to catch up n see this! Yayyyy! I have the plaids, I have a couple pairs of baggy jeans and I honestly didn’t know what to wear them with to look good, I had lost some weight I still would like to lose some more, but yes definitely going to wear them now, any suggestions? Belt? No belt? Tighter top? Like what per say? I too have been getting more brown apparel also! I mostly have plaid skirts, I wear w/ fleece lined tights, can’t wear heals, so been wearing w/ boots or booties n a sweater! And a longer pea coat! Thank u for this, yes definitely needed information! You look fabulous as usual! 🙂

  12. Love the capes. My friend gave me a gorgeous gray cape with gray, black, white and red narrow plaid bias trim on the edges.To give it a special twist, I added my monogram in black. It really made it special. Worn with all black (skinny jeans, turtleneck, short boots, and croc bag. I love how it feels so cosy.

  13. I have always _adored_ cardigans – they are a fantastic layering piece and make me feel so comfortable! I have a bit of red in my hair so brown tones have always looked good on me (even when I was little and hated them!). I love mixing creams and tans and browns – they look so rich together. 🙂 Great picks for top 5, Erin – thanks! Shannon.

  14. First of all, I just loved this video and the advice you provided with lots of great examples, and links in the description above. Thank you for putting together this video for us!!

    I absolutely love plaid and shawls, so I’ll probably invest in a traditional-coloured plaid shawl, a brown faux leather jacket, and a pair of baggy jeans. I’d be interested in being a virtual model for your channel. I’ll email you… Cheers!

  15. I would love to know all the makes of jeans you wear. You look so good in all of them. Jeans are such a hard item to find the right fit.

  16. Hey Erin, loved the video re watching some others as well! What is the black panty hose called that u recommended? I think it’s the sheer type but I can’t remember? I have the fleece lined black tights, but need a pair I think of the other type, u have been soooo helpful, thank u soooo much! 😊❤️⭐️

  17. Trends! I’ve also heard sequins and chunky boots are back. Good thing I have a chocolate brown sequin halter top in my wardrobe already.

  18. Hi Erin, love your videos! I don’t see a link for the cute white top with the ties at the sleeves that you’re wearing with the baggy jeans. It’s SO cute, would love to know where it’s from 🙂

  19. I love browns/tans/neutrals and guess I must have been on trend for decades now 😆. Last year I let go of a 15 year old chocolate brown suede fitted trucker jacket ONLY because it was too small and I wasn’t sure I’d fit into it again. I sincerely hope someone is getting some beautiful miles out of it. Replaced it with a tan suede Blanc NYC moto – but hope to find another brown suede one soon. Brown bag ✅. Brown boots ✅. Brown Chelsea boots ✅. Tan suede peep toe booties ✅. As for jeans 🤨 – hate to love them, but it’s all I wear and can’t find anything that I feel better in. Baggy? I recently ran across an old pic of myself with my oldest son (24) at the age of 2- I was wearing baggy mom jeans but I was about 40lbs lighter. I’ve bought and returned so many jeans as of late that I’m on a first name basis with the return department at Nordstrom’s. Waiting for a pair of Good American straight high waist to come in the mail – hoping they fit, and that will be as baggy as I go. As a shorter pear shape that could trim off some excess pounds, I’m thinking that this trend will not be one I can run with.

  20. I just de cluttered and this made me think 🤔. My issue is I’ve gained a lot of weight and I’ve always continued to wear the same styles as when I was thin. I’d like to feel stylish even while I’m a work in progress. That being said, I have added some browns and finding what I like and don’t like. The baggy thing I don’t think will work for me as I’m a good 50 lbs overweight.

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