BEST ACCESSORIES FOR SUMMER OUTFITS 2020 | Men’s Fashion Clothing Haul (New Pickups)

BEST ACCESSORIES FOR SUMMER OUTFITS 2020 | Men’s Fashion Clothing Haul (New Pickups)

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BEST ACCESSORIES FOR SUMMER? In this mens fashion clothing haul, Im going to show you some of my new pickups. I have recently come across a brand that carries accessories such as tote bags, and shoulder bags. They bring a new look to your typical side, cross body bag and tote bag, offering a new cargo pocket style. I will also be showing off different accessories like trucker hats and bandanas. Of course, this is a clothing haul, so I will also show you my newest pickups ranging from graphic tshirts, shorts, sneakers, jackets, and denims. If you were looking for some new spring summer outfit ideas or places to shop online for clothes in 2020, this is the perfect video for you.

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  1. What’s the name of the MNML flannel? I don’t see it on the site but I wanna see if I can grab one from a different brand too

  2. My trucker hat don’t fit on my big ass head when I got home. People was staring at me in the store like AT AT DONT TRY ON THAT Hat sir 🙄

  3. Awesome channel! Keep up the great work. If you have a moment please feel free to look at my channel and follow if you like 💕❤️

  4. Bruh you when been goin crazy on ig and yt like you have frfr, you can only be underrated for so long before you HAVE to blow I swtg mark my words! Keep doin ya thang mane🙌🏾🤧🚀

  5. You’re lit grundy but I’m personally over the skeleton mnml jeans you’re always showing off lol. 🤷‍♂️🙈

  6. Random but you remind me so much of Smino 👌🏽 but I love your vibes & fashion definitely my new favorite fashion icon 🙌🏽

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