10 Fashion Mistakes Making Your Outfits Look Cheap | 2020 Fashion Trends

10 Fashion Mistakes Making Your Outfits Look Cheap | 2020 Fashion Trends

10 Fashion Mistakes Making Your Outfits Look Cheap | 2020 Fashion Trends
It’s safe to say we’ve all become a little laid-back (maybe even lazy) when it comes to fashion. I know I have and it’s because I’ve been spending so much time this year holed up at home in sweat pants. But that’s the reason I thought it was time for a little tune up – me included – cause as you’ll see in this video I’m guilty of making two of these mistakes and one of them I do almost every day – yikes!
Anyway, I’d love to know how your fashion has changed this year in the comments below. I know I’ve become more casual than ever before but equally when I’ve had the opportunity I’ve enjoyed dressing up more than ever too.
Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time to watch this video and I look forward to chatting in the comments.

Sending lots of love from New Zealand.



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  1. Totally with you on the hosiery/tights with shorts. Shorts were designed for bare legs. It’s either shorts weather, or it isn’t. And if you think your legs need to be covered up even in warm weather for whatever reason, try tights with a mini skirt and skip the shorts!!!

  2. OMG – do people actually believe you can’t wear red lipstick after a certain age? Such nonsense. I don’t know how this idea came into being, but I wonder if it was the result of lipstick bleeding into the little lines that may form around women’s lips as they age. Red lipstick is prone to this type of bleeding. I’m in my 50s and have no such problem. I wonder if perhaps the formulas of today’s lipsticks resist bleeding?

  3. I’ve given you a thumbs down because of your use of the word CHEAP. Certainly, you could have used a different word to describe what you consider a bad choice.

  4. I would never wear anything with my denim shorts. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that. You’re right it doesn’t work. I’ve also heard Fanny packs, like I used to wear. Are now called belt bags.

  5. I use a nude coloured thin hair tie on my wrist. I honestly think this is a better look for someone with long hair vs getting your hair in your food when you eating or something similar. And I love shorts and miniskirts in the winter when worn with over the knee boots.

  6. I don’t like your choice of the word cheap maybe saying unflattering might be a better choice of words. You used the word cheap way to much in this video, just my opinion.

  7. Very good reminders.. I’m always telling my teenage daughter not to wear her pony tail holder on her wrist… I say this while looking down at the one on my own wrist right now 🙄 lol… Keep keeping it real!! Thankyou!!! You’re insights are always on point!!!

  8. Instead of the denim cutoffs and fishnets, I wear longer, tailored black shorts and opaque black tights with flat black shoes or boots, sometimes with a button-front short and blazer. So much classier!

  9. You’re awesome!.. agree on all…but subjective on the statement pieces.i love and will always love otk socks…lol!

  10. I love to wear micro-fishnets or opaque stockings with jean or paper-bag shorts bc I do not like showing my legs, and I find them quite cool or classy if done correctly. I actually get lots of compliments every time I do.

  11. I’m a kiwi, but I live in Canada….I call it a bumbag still but always get a funny look from those around me. I have to contain my laughter when I hear Fanny pack😂😏

  12. I think you look great, Leonie. In the UK we call them ‘bum-bags’ . I would never have thought of using one, or a cross-body bag to give shape to an outfit- great idea.

  13. I agree with everything you said, think you got them all spot on. We call them bum bags here in the England/london. I also do the head band around my wrist mistake and try to remember to put it away before I go out or have guest over. Thanks for the video. Take care 🙂🤗

  14. People wear what makes you feel and look good! Style is individual. Buy the best of what you can afford, use an iron, look after what you have, get a tailor and ensure you create balance [tight/loose on either top/bottom].

  15. At which age is one supposed to give up red lipstick? I’ve never heard of that before. On the contrary I think that every lipstick colour is debatable but red. Red is the primary, original , most basic lipstick colour that imho suits every person no matter of any sociological factors. I think the shade you wear looks stunning on you.
    In Austria we call "bum bags" "belt bags" or "belly bags".

  16. I love reading the comments…. Brilliant support here as well as people getting a little offended…. I love that. I’m guilty of dressing like a trendy 30 year old instead of the 46 year old mum of 4 that I am! Hahahaha…. I agree about cheap faux fur and cheap embellishments. I love fishnets and denim shorts or ripped jeans…. On the young and slightly rebellious they look so cool…. On me a little too close to mutton for comfort…. 😂

  17. To add on to your list, shoes that need polishing can ruin an outfit, and also in my opinion (and I know plenty will disagree) not putting self-tanner on really pale legs. I think nothing ruins the look of a pretty outfit like super white legs. (I have a pair myself and generally think that putting on a little self-tanner is a public service so as not to blind anyone.)

  18. I appreciate how you carefully choose your words so as not to offend anyone. Ok, ok! I admit I’m guilty of cheap embellishments, but admitting it is the first step. 😂. Let me ask you this, do you feel it’s the denim shorts that make the last looks feel cheap or do you feel that way about all shorts with tights/hose?

  19. I bought a total of 2 cold shoulder tops …….I knew they were going to be out after 2 or 3 seasons and would look totally dated once the trend died out

  20. I agree with all you say. Your hair looks great at the moment. The tights under shorts is definitely horrible but when very young you can more or less get away with anything.

  21. Wow. All the things we can’t do any more. So glad I don’t care. I wear what makes me feel good regardless of what others may think.

  22. So appreciate your honesty and knowledge of fashion.
    I scored very well – suppose with age one learns what not to wear!.
    Thank you Leonie for a wonderful video.

  23. My husband couldn’t understand why I was "fussing" about my outfit since we were only going to the hardware store for cup hooks. I told him, yes, but I’ll be seeing people." He said, "I’m people." He was wearing a stained tee and paint specked shorts. 😂

  24. I have to admit that I usually understand half of what kiwis say… Your accent it’s very neutral! I love I can understand everything you say! (I’m from US)

  25. Banane in French, fanny in English. Never liked them though. Faux fur, you have to brush it from time to time with a pet brush to give back it’s fluff. Jean shorts and black nylons… So 1990! Never wore it since.

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