5 Fashion Essentials To Invest In | Adulting 101

5 Fashion Essentials To Invest In | Adulting 101

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5 Fashion Essentials To Invest In – Adulting 101 | Video Podcast

Investing in the right parts of your closet is important. Hopefully this is a good direction if you’re not sure where to begin. Hopefully it helps you find the best return on your wardrobe investment.

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4:42 // Fashion Item 1 //
Shirt (Silk), Elizabeth Suzann, (Hemmed) OSM http://bit.ly/ES-Linn_tee
Shirt (Linen), Elizabeth Suzann, OSM http://bit.ly/harper-tunic

9:30 // Fashion Item 2 //
Jewelry (More Affordable), Windblown https://windblownjewelry.com/
Jewelry (Gold), Pamela Card https://rstyle.me/+FXLxxBkV7klUMhsYfgHoTg
Ring, J.Hannah http://bit.ly/jHannah-ring
Ring, thick, Vrai & Oro https://rstyle.me/+sQqr79KJAucmtEbc_fHnFw
Rings, thin, Vrai & Oro https://rstyle.me/+9CtCJNmBbnb5WoDNmX1GMA
Ring, Pamela Card signet http://bit.ly/pamela-card-ring

14:03 // Fashion Item 3 //
Nippies Skin Adhesives (I buy size 1-light) https://rstyle.me/n/dfxeeaccmfp
Lingerie, Fleur du Mal https://rstyle.me/+ayJUfrbXP-Ohb3d3pqKMhw

16:36 // Fashion Item 4 //
Shoes, Nisolo TTS http://bit.ly/NisoloMariellaSand

20:33 // Fashion Item 5 //
Purse, Polène Small Beige http://bit.ly/polene-No_6-Sand
Purse, Polène Black http://bit.ly/Polène-No_1_black

// What I’m Wearing //
Dress, Elizabeth Suzann, Size OSM http://bit.ly/ES-dress-linen-gauze
Necklace, Pamela Card Kahve 16 in https://rstyle.me/+HS-s0RUfBBHyWdGmAcsQGA
Necklace, Pamela Card Springtime Allegory 24 in http://bit.ly/pamela-card-necklace-allegory
Necklace, Gold Coin https://rstyle.me/n/c4ub6dccmfp

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Thumbnail photo I used was pulled from Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AX5iHYvj2JIMkFFrA97yC9PWcXX0JT0FCanpcjd1_PQCEpp1PI-j1ng/


  1. I have physical limitations on my feet due to past injuries, I can’t at all wear heels anymore. Not a single bit of heel. In the summer the best thing for my feet are Birkenstocks and in the winter it’s flat boots….I feel like this is unfeminine and not smart looking. I would love to wear heels ( even though I’m 5"10 lol ) because when I see them on other women I always think they look so much fancier…what can be done? I always feel like my shoes look clumpy and unattractive.

  2. You got my attention because you focus on Petite size and gradually I notice you are very different from other fashion Vbloggers with your simplicity style and value … keep up the good work and I am so happy to find you:-)

  3. Do other people really say they’re tired of seeing YOUR clothing? That seems incredibly rude. I would ask then to contribute to my clothing fund if so disturbed

  4. Many years ago, I heard someone say that you should have one unique quality piece of jewelry that you can wear with everything. So for example, a necklace or a bracelet you can wear with everything, that is high-quality and has visual interest. I inherited a silver medallion from my mother, so I asked my husband to buy me a good quality long silver chain for the medallion for Christmas. He went to a good jewelry store and got something that was heavy enough that it wouldn’t break if it caught on something. It was all I got for Christmas, but it was perfect, and 20 years later, I’m still happy with it! For many many years, that was what I wore with almost every outfit. Sometimes I added a shorter silver necklace around my neck before it was really the style, just because I liked the shorter pieces as well. I always got compliments, and it felt like the outfit was finished with that medallion— it had been a gift from my father to my mother and both of them have been gone for many years. Most of my jewelry was silver at that time. For our anniversary last year, my husband splurged and bought me a beautiful high-quality 16 inch gold chain that will not break if it catches on my finger. I tend to be hard on jewelry. I have a teardrop pearl that was gifted to me by an elderly neighbor woman. So I wear that necklace with the pearl with almost everything unless I’m wearing silver. The teardrop on the pearl is unique. And the necklace itself reminds me of my husband each day as I put it on. I can layer it with other necklaces or just wear it alone, but it elevates the simple pieces in my wardrobe and gives me a finished and polished look. If you’re just starting out, I agree with Bethany. Get ONE piece that goes with everything and is high-quality.

    When I first heard the advice, I remembered a really good friend of mine who always wore a pendant she had gotten at an art show that had a funky looking cat on it and was brass. It was obviously beautiful, unique, and expensive, and we never minded that it completed most of her outfits. It represented her and her off-beat taste. That prompted me to ask for the silver chain for the pendant. I also have some just for fun inexpensive things I wear very occasionally, but I strongly recommend getting a couple of higher-quality classics or making something you inherited actually into something that works for you!

  5. Go for classics! I can’t agree more with everything that you say and I apply the same principles when I buy my clothes and accessories. Thank you for sharing these!

  6. hi, thank you for all those tips! myself as an architect really love about quality of materials, most of time I just gave up on styling with all black to office like everyone else. I do like the idea about additional accessories . 🙂

    have you ever tried Uniqlo and Muji items? I bought some of their basics like linen dress and linen shirts they are pretty easy to care and very affordable. I had them for over 5 years and still in very good condition.

  7. Hi Bethany! I love your content. I would like to know, if it is possible, the brand of your microphone. I would like to invest in one and yours seems really pretty and good quality. Thank you!

  8. If you have pink tones to your skin, like me with golden (what use to be strawberry blond hair ) navy is my neutral, white and pale soft pink . I don’t put black close to my face in solid colors but will use it in skirts and pants . I’ve tried all colors and certain green works too . She has so many excellent tips and wise advice to use when shopping , and I relate well . Thank you Bethany .

  9. Hi Bethany, I just want to let you know that this video has been lovely to listen to as I do a bit of pampering! 💞

  10. Love your chatty video as you called it. Very practical for people like me working with a budget. Very helpful! Thanks. 😄

  11. thank you for your nice video. If you want just ONE bag in your closet, you should go for the LV Damier ebene alma BB. it is the most versatile bag ever !

  12. The biggest thing that has made a difference for me is having the color palette for my wardrobe, it makes everything easier to not get distracted by other colours that not working for me, also checking the stitching and the fabric before you buy it helps a lot. Focusing on certain style also do the trick.

  13. It’s been a while since I saw this video, I tried updating my closet but I have a hard time finding out my own style, I’m wearing different clothes all week, I can be all black and the next day I’m rainbowy and then vintage, "dark academy" vibes. I started investing into neutral colors like beiges, off white (I’m olive and cool) and blueish lavander periwinkle tones. I do have more options now though, which I appreciate.
    Polyester can be wearable too, if the cut suits you well, but I prefer cotton, silk and viscose, the fluidity is insane.

  14. What a sweetheart you are. Thanks for making these videos for us. You are just the freshest breath of air and I appreciate you.

  15. Purses fit from a size 00 to 22 and both petite and tall. It only boils down to taste and carrying capacity. Great item to pass on.

  16. I’m also 5’1" and love your videos! Thank you so much for a starting point on how to change my wardrobe (it’s about time- I’m 25). I really want to look my age and have trouble being short and not curvy so hopefully investing in pieces like these help me be more adult-like.

  17. Can you please recommend (or anyone else reading) any handbag brands similar to Poléne with the style and price point?

    I’m in LOVE with your Chloe bag but I can’t afford it right now and am looking for a similar style 🙁

  18. Do you have a video about clothes that need to be dry cleaned? That’s a leap I’m having a lot of trouble making as a stay at home mom.

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