Top Wearable Summer Fashion Trends | How to Style

Top Wearable Summer Fashion Trends | How to Style

Top Wearable Summer Fashion Trends | How to Style

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So far 2020 has been all kinds of awful but I’m hoping by the time Summer rolls around COVID-19 won’t be affecting us quite so much so with that in mind I wanted to share my top pics for summer’s most wearable trends as a bit of a distraction.

Is there a particular trend you’ll excited to start wearing this Summer? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Thanks so much for watching and please stay stafe.



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Minimalism for beginners…


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  1. I love pink and red together, I plan on wearing this look next summer, and after the lock-down we are still in. Thanks Leoni, I always love your videos and your positive vibe.

  2. I might be a little late to comment on this video but I just have to say, you are my favourite fashion related channel because you don’t try to sell and you show your expertise in a very professional but refreshing way. Always a pleasure to watch

  3. Really enjoyed this video. I just trying to get to a point that I will dress for work (even though I am at home). It so easy to slip into the habit of working in your PJs. I just bought my first pair of Dr Martens, the Luana tall style. Not sure if they will work with the midi/maxi hem lines because the go up on the calf. It so funny that this is a thing. It makes me think of granny on the Beverly Hillbillys. I like this look but I really got them because the were on major sale and I need the thick thread on the sole for next snow fall for better traction. Last snow here, I basically injured myself trying to prevent a fall (58 we don’t bounce back as easily). Yes I do still like wearing the chunky necklaces, that has not changed for me.  Some of the thrift stores have open up here in Missouri and yes, with face mask and gloves, I went. You would think 30+ days of isolation would have rid me of my thrift habit but soon as they text me I was there. But I can tell that I am a little more reserve in what I got on that outing.  With my weight gain had to find some warmer weather items to fit for now.   It seem like masks are going to become part of our accessory for awhile.   Thanks for sharing and blessing to you and all in the days to come.

  4. This situation/isolation is definitely getting through to me … but fashion is defo here to pick us up 💪🏻✊🏽 unfortunately we haven’t been able to wear much outside – can’t wait to try these trends … outside. Stay safe and well everyone xxx

  5. Leonie for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere are the trends the same? Any updates or trends unique to us in Australia and NZ?

  6. Great video . It’s great to be looking forward . The watches are absolutely gorgeous. I’m going to swap my chunky boots for chunky sandals. The weather here in Ireland is gorgeous, very unusual.

  7. That’s why it’s a good idea not to rid of jewellery. It always comes back in again. I love square toe shoes and sandals, glad to see they’ve made a comeback again. Great tips.

  8. Where I live in the USA, we won’t be getting out anytime soon. This video helped me feel dreamy for what may happen come summer, but I’m really hoping things will be better so we don’t miss out on autumn fashion.

  9. I appreciate your honesty about the way you feel towards all the craziness going on worldwide. Thanks for the upload. Stay well

  10. Great to know that NZ has done a great job handling the virus and kept its citizens safe . Anyhow, orange doesn’t suit my complexion but I can wear it from waist down. Oh boy, chains and chunky, masculine boots? Definitely not my thing.

  11. I’m glad chunky boots are back as I’ve just bought two pair of imitation Doc Matins as I’ve had to wear lower boots and shoes because of agonising foot pain caused by Planter Fasciitis. I hope they don’t make it worse.

  12. great video as always. I will be saving money this year. Some of those trends are awful . The oversized dresses don’t look good on anyone. The puffy/oversized sleeves…arrggghhh….like the WORST of the 80s. And once they are OUT of being trendy (soon, I hope) , the pieces will be unwearable because of the exaggerated size of the sleeves. rant over 😀

  13. Some good ideas here. Above all, the drawstring. I cannot wear oversized dresses without nipping them in at the waist so I have no problem belting them but I will be on the lookout for drawstring ties which would be a more subtle approach. Thanks!

  14. Happy to see u back and well amid all this craziness.
    Love all the trends(specially boots and dresses) but cannot stand the square toe! Look like duck feet!😭

  15. Amazing as always Leonie. Love, love, love your videos, posts, everything. Thank u for your calm, clear company especially now. Thank u.

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