10 INSTANT & Easy Men's Style Upgrades | How To Dress Better

10 INSTANT & Easy Men's Style Upgrades | How To Dress Better

We all have different reasons for wanting to upgrade our style. Maybe you got a new job. Maybe you’re tired of dressing like you’re still in college. Maybe you just want to have some nice clothes for a romantic evening out with someone special. If you’re watching this video, you’ve decided that it’s time to make some type of change and I’m going to cover 10 men’s style upgrades that are quick, easy, and relatively simple to make. Enjoy!

▪ 5 Ways To Wear A Brown Suit → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NClMV4bkpUE&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=1
▪ 5 Minimalist Navy Suit Outfits → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK3uxTNJ9OI&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=5
▪ 5 Fall Business Casual Outfits → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znnscqIz58A&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=17
▪ Fall Capsule Wardrobe → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk2qN04Tx34&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMe6vSBb8J-5S51fHhJ0TbVu&index=4
▪ 5 Essential Fall Jackets → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvitR_heLT0&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMdxVMQV49FfY6XadJFw8x23&index=12
▪ How To Dress For The Airport → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZpVlr-Eemg&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=9
▪ 8 Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAdUTnw9Hxs&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=15
▪ 5 Ways To Wear A Navy Suit → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0L823y_mLs&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMdxVMQV49FfY6XadJFw8x23&index=19
▪ How To Wear A White Jeans → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yjbj6LvP_A0&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=27
▪ How To Wear A Denim Jacket → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m54emLEc5zM&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMftmDs3dhDrL4LC2CjvFGcZ&index=28
▪ 5 Ways To Wear A Grey Suit → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueTGt20qI3E&list=PL3v2lRj6jZMdxVMQV49FfY6XadJFw8x23&index=22

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  1. swapping a simple tee with a long sleeve button up you can wear with a suit is a pretty steep change…..I go with nice quality tees and no logos

  2. Please please please don’t go too far with thumbnails! Other style bloggers make those wierd, eccentric, dumb thumbnails. Those are so immature.

  3. I’d love to see a video on different brands of ties. I have been looking for something at a mid price point but I just haven’t found anything that speaks to me.

  4. Great video! Would also love to hear your thoughts on how to put together a wardrobe when transitioning into a job where your style needs to appear professional every day: most important shirts, shoes and suits/jackets, etc.

    Love the channel!

  5. First off, love the new intro!!!! Second, I really like the denim shirt as well as the sweater suggestion. My question though, i work in a super casual environment in the Southern California Mojave Desert. In the summer our days are almost always over 100 degrees. Do you have suggestion on how to layer in heat like that? I love to layer as it makes a big difference, but I get so hot.

  6. I’m a Cloud Computing Engineer working on a Bank where Business Casual dress code is required and I love to dress like a gentleman. I’m glad I found your channel you got amazing content.

  7. As a graduate of The University of Michigan and you displaying my schools hoodie as a not too (even though I’m a formal wear man) I will be wearing my Michigan hoodie (the same one you put on screen funny enough) for the first day of fall just for that BRIAN😠😖😆😎

  8. I’m just here as a 19 year old college sophomore but I just love the classy suit style. I dont wear it as often as I would like because I still play sports so I wear shorts and athletic shirts a lot. I’m basically watching for the future as well as for church on Sundays. But when I get older I’ll definitely try to dress more classy

  9. Hey Brian, I saw a recent ad on the watch brand Undone, they are a new watch company that allows you to customise a watch to your liking. Would love to know your thoughts on the brand, whether its worth the money etc.

  10. Navy blazer and jeans makes you like matching a suit, I think it’s better to have enough color contrast,what’s your opinion?

  11. Thoughtful advice forthóse entering the Job Market. While upgrading is well covered, regular maintenance of items that you recommend, such as merino jumpers and silk ties is not always known and just sending thém to the Dry Cleaners is not always the best way to get the most value from expensive items. Phil.

  12. Hi Brian! I was wondering, do you think you’ll ever do a video on fabrics? For example, it’s tough for me to recognize good linen. Or how perhaps to maintain your wardrobe, like (suede) chelsea boots or wool items. Maybe even mention fabrics and compositions that you’d try to avoid. Or specific items you like to have in a specific fabric, for example a wool turtleneck. Not only do you look put together, it all looks so brand new as well. Just a thought. Thanks for all the great work!

  13. Agreed with the suggestions. My only quibble is the watch. Do people still wear one? I’ve ditched my watch in the last year.

  14. Definitely good recommendations! I definitely could tell the difference between a cheap tie vs a nice grenadine Fina from Granqvist right when I put it in my hands after ordering, worth it. Also, the leather minimal sneaker was a big upgrade for me too. As for the boot, Chelsea boot’s are great, but can also go for a chukka or lace up cap toe boot if everyday look is more of a casual dress.

  15. Really love this advice on upgrading style in general. Comprehensive and short, it’s easy to implement them step by step. Although I need to save money first before buying them because I know for sure they’re not ordinary quality.

    As always, thank you for uploading this video and I’m looking forward to the next one. Cheers 👍🏽

  16. @He Spoke Style, the tie you’re wearing in the video is amazing. May I ask for the brand or shop where you bought it from? Thank you very much!

  17. Further recommendations on the watch: look out for a nice Tissot, the Tissot Heritage Automatic or the Tissot Tradition series are great for business and casual as well.

  18. Great advice, Brian! I wish I had this video when I first graduated.

    The Orient Bambino is another watch to look at around the $100 mark. They’ve got multiple dial styles and colors so you can probably find something you like.
    Kent Wang is a good resource for basic ties. They’ve got made in Italy grenadine ties for $75. I used to shop at the Tie Bar but like you, found they weren’t great quality. I’d rather have one great tie from Drakes or Kent Wang than multiple low quality ties from the Tie Bar.

  19. Overall good advice; however the skinny jeans have to go. Why not simply say jeans that are properly fitted to the wearer? Skinny is a fad.

  20. Another great lesson from one of the best youtubers and "the Gentleman" out there! Your content is always on point. All the best for you!

  21. Sir can you please make a video on how to wear suit seperates preferably for double breasted suits just to add in the versitality will be looking forward to your reply ❤️❤️

  22. I love to wear high-waisted trousers, but i have some trouble; the waistband is tight when sitting down (my lower belly goes up). It feels uncomfortable and it also can’t get looser than this because it’ll not sit on my waist when standing up. How to fix this problem or do you have any suggestion

  23. Great tips! Just to another tip for everyone who wants to step up their style game… Buy at the end of the season! Drake’s has massively reduced prices twice a year! Most luxury brands do! That’s how i added very high quality to my wardrobe, at a fraction of the original price. As a Swiss I have to say that it’s worth saving up money for a good watch that is timeless and really fits your personality. I pretty much only wear my Omega Speedmaster (Moonwatch) every day to every occasion. It’s such a timeless and versatile watch that can master any situation by changing the strap! Plus it’s a watch that will last for a lifetime and beyond (my boy will one day inherit it from me)…. Just my five cents! Thanks again, great content as always.

  24. When you said there are a lot of options from 150-500 price range I was like please noooo Brian not Vincero or mvmt commercial video :)) thank god he is still watch enthusiast after all

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